Things to Consider When Booking a Limousine:

If you choose another company over JBJ Limousine, this limo may show up…

We recommend setting up a “viewing appointment”. So, you can physically see the vehicles you want to reserve. Look inside & out.
Ask them to give you a contract.  Request to view insurance, business license & documentation.

When you book a limo “simply based on the cheapest price” be prepared for the following:

  • You may miss your concert or event because the limousine does not show up.
  • You might have your name on the VIP list at your favorite club, but miss getting inside because your limousine shows up late.
  • You’re embarrassed when a “rundown” limousine arrives at your door & you were expecting a newer luxury model.
  • Sure your limousine shows up ~ but it’s driven by an unprofessional chauffeur with poor hygiene & improper licensing.
  • Your limousine chauffeur exercises poor customer service with your company’s most influential client. You lose the account.
  • Your limousine service gets into an accident but does not have the proper insurance to cover the damages involved w/ your injuries.
  • Your limousine gets stuck on the side of the road because they didn’t have the proper inspection completed (as state law mandates).
  • Your limousine breaks down during transport to wine country & you miss the wine tasting experience ~ but you saved $65.00

 Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of insurance, business license or documentation.

All limousines are required to carry commercial insurance and the proper permits.
Unfortunately, advertising companies and the web do not require insurance coverage or permits in order to advertise in their publications.
Don’t be afraid to protect yourself from “gypsy companies”, and ask for proof of these items from your selected limousine company.

Don’t be the unfortunate customer who gets the “The Limo Broke Down” or “We Don’t Have Your Reservation” story.
Cover yourself ahead of time by dealing with a reputable limousine company that has been in business for close to 20 years and has many limos to choose from, not just a cheap company with only 1 vehicle. *Shopping on price alone can be dangerous.*

Some unethical operators will not hesitate to drop a reservation — just to pick up a better paying job.
biggest error you could make (when shopping for a limo rental) is searching for “JUST” the lowest PRICE.
In the limousine industry, there are many variances of quality & price.
All too often, a cheaper price translates into a larger risk for whoever is traveling in the vehicle.

Most consumers wouldn’t choose a restaurant or hotel based on “JUST” price, yet people shop for a limo service this way and expect 5-star quality service. If you shop for a limousine based on price alone, you will likely be frustrated and disappointed with your limousine experience.

Older, poorly maintained, dangerous, under-insured vehicles with unprofessional chauffeurs providing bad customer service are all possible results of a “best price” shopping priority.  There are exceptions — however, the rule usually is – the lower the price, the more risk you will assume with your luxury transportation needs.

Anyone can PULL THIS SCAM!

Con artists, brokers, etc. can post pictures of limousines & party buses (which they do not own), along with a phone number and price rates. 
They become an “Instant Limousine Company!” (pretty scary huh?!?)

We recommend setting up an appointment, going to their “actual location” and physically seeing the vehicles you want to reserve. Look inside & out. Ask them to give you a contract.  Request to view insurance, business license and documentation.